Our Rules

  1. Punctuality is essential at all times, The students are expected to arrive at the school before the warning bell goes i.e. 5 minutes before the opening time. All the school gates will be closed at the right time and the latecomers will have to go back. , students should stand in proper position.
  2. Every student coming late to school will be marked absent.
  3. 75% attendance is compulsory. In this regard minimum 60% marks are required in House Exams .
  4. Silence must be maintained when entering and leaving school assembly.
  5. During school timings students should not leave the school premises without the permission of principal.
  6. The pupil's uniform should be neat and clean.
  7. Students must have an identity card.
  8. Parents are requested not to visit their wards in there classrooms during the school hours as it disturbs the child.
  9. The students who have been absent on the previous day must bring on explanation supported by their parents , falling which he/she will not be allowed to sit in the class.
  10. Students are not allowed to wear valuable articles like watches or any kind of jewel leery. school is not responsible for any loss.
  11. Children should not bring money to school other than for official business.
  12. Private tuition is strongly discouraged. If there is real need of a private tuition arrange after getting the permission from the principal .when the parents feel that your children do not make the desired progress the principal should be contacted.
  13. Members of staff are always willing to meet with parents to discuss any anxieties or questions. All appointments should be made via the office when an appropriate time and meeting will be arranged
  14. The principal has to right to suspend or require the withdrawal of any students without have to state any reason provided that he/she is satisfied that such a step is necessary in the interest of the school.
  15. Students are strictly avoided to take cell phones to the school.
  16. Students are not allowed to receive visitors during the classes hours unless the matter is very urgent and that too with the permission of the principal only.
  17. The students should behave in refined manner wherever they go, they should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct. They should greet their teacher when they meet them.
  18. The school reserves to itself the right to dismiss students whose progress in studies is unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful for other students.
  19. Whenever the students of from class room to playground or vice versa ,they should walk in queue.
  20. Senior students are ideal for juniors once .So they should behave in a decent way, keeping in mind that some one is learning something from them.
  21. All students must bring their lunch.
  22. Students are expected to be polite and courteous. at no stage they will be indulge in foul language or fight with each other.
  23. Students should bring to school all the text books and necessary writing material according to the timetable and always keep the same ready before the teacher comes to the class.
  24. Turbans are compulsory for all the Sikh boys from class 8th to 12th.
  25. The property of the school should not be damaged at any cost . damage or loss of any kind should be reported immediately to the class teacher. loss thus caused will be born by the defaulters.
  1. The students are expected to be regular in attending the school. Late comers will not be marked present.
  2. Leave for two days will be granted by the class teacher and for more than that period by the principal on the recommendation of the class incharge.
  3. Incase of long illness the leave application must be supported by a medical certificate.
  4. If a student absents himself /herself from school for ten days without getting prior permission the principal may remove his/her name from the school without notice.
  5. A fine shall be charged from those who absent themselves from the school without application.
  6. Leave during examination days under unavoidable circumstances can be got sanctioned by the principal only.
  7. It may please be noted that children will not be sent home in an emergency with anyone who might come for them during school hours without a written request from the parents/guardian
  8. No pupil can leave the school premises during the school hours and recess without the permission of principal.
  9. Once entered in the school, student can not get leave before the half time of the school. In the same way the student cannot get leave before 30 minutes of closing of the school.

Students can be withdrawn from school as under :

  1. By giving one month's notice in writing.
  2. Constant weakness in studies.
  3. Irregularity in attendance
  4. Non payment of fees
  5. Behavior problem
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